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My bubls arrived


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One is ok the other arrived BROKEN! I am ####ed to say the least. Has any one delt with hello lights.com before? The one that was broken was atfirst just a little loose where the bulb meets the fitting. I tried it anyways and FRIED MY BALAST! They were the 13w GX23 style 50/50's. If anyone has had this problem can you tell me what if anything they ( Hello lights.com) will do about it?

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If the bulb arrived broken, I'm sure they will replace it for you, assuming you contact them right away. I have received bulbs from hellolights, but have never had a problem with them.

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I went to Lowes (where I bought the lights ) I ean into an old drink'n buddy and he hooked me up with a new unit of the same kind for my old one for free! So the only thing left to solve now is the bulb issue with Hello lights.com.

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