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1g pico


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the tank is 9.1" x W-6.3" x H-6.7

lighting is 7w compact flourecent


I was interested in everyones idea of the probelms I may face with this tank. The main things Im wondering is what you think I could keep under the 7w light or what you feel I should upgrade to. My main intrests right now is just mushrooms and zoo's. I also have a 5 gallon that I am debating between using it as a sunlit tank like tinyreef's but Ive got a 13w power compact light for that tank so I could use it as a large sump for this tank. Thanks in advance for your ideas and advice.

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I was planning on using a overflow box but now that Ive thought about it a little Im starting to lean toward a aquaclear HOB

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I don't think you could find any 7watt bulbs with the right spectrum. I would go with a 13watt. Also, for 1gal I wouldn't waste my time with a sump. Get the AC HOB.

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I just got a 13w Power compact light from Ebay along with 100 white 10000mcd LED. I may end up having to go with a bigger tank to try out some of the different DIY ideas Im wanting to try.


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Now I just added a 50w Visi-therm stealth heater once again on Ebay I kind of messed up though I didnt check the shipping when I bid. .99 for the heater but $20 for shipping :angry:

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I just purchased another 13w PC identical to my first one. I also decided to scratch the one gallon tank. Im using my 5gal Im going to section off a part as a fuge. Im a little unsure of the size but thinking of 3 gal for the display area and 2 gallon for the fuge. Still waiting on my LED's from Hong Kong when they arrive Im going to build my fuge light with them and see how well it works. So right now all thats left is to put in the wall and find myself a decent pump. I should also say that right now Im only planning on keeping polyp's, shrooms, and perhaps some suncoral.



Should I build multple chambers in my fuge. one for rubble one for macro and one for my heater or just put all in one chamber?

any other low light corals that are good for begginers that would go well with my other selections.

I could use help finding the following if anybody has any suggestions:

small pump for my fuge

A spray bar to hook to the pump

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so it's a 5g not the 1g now?


how about using the 1g as the refugium then (above or below)? you could use all the 5g for display then.


if you stay with the 3g/2g partition i'd separate the heater. maybe keep it with the return pump chamber (minijet or micojet?). i like the microjet more as a powerhead though than a return pump. the cord makes it a bit unwieldy imo.


some low light corals: gorgonians, star polyps, some plainer zoos, arborescent soft corals (alleopathic issues though-avoid the sinularias)



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I had thought of using the 1 gal for my fuge but Im unsure of building a overflow box. I have a couple old HOB filters laying around I could convert to a overflow box or I could always try drilling out my 5 gal Ive never drilled glass but know how its done. I really like the look of gorgonians I just wasnt sure how hardy they are. Im sure Im going to make stupid mistakes along the way. Ive been looking for a nice coral database with there needs and just general info. The more I think about this the more Im thinking I may just drill the 5gal.

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I just got this pump Im hoping that it isnt going to be overkill. Supposed to be adjustable from 0-200 gph. All I have left to do now is either drill the tank or build a overflow box.


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Okay my first nano is going to finnaly be put together on saturday after many false starts. Im going to have a 5g with 2X13w power compact over the tank. What Im wanting to ask is how much livesand and liverock would you guys add. The game plan Im going with is waiting 4 weeks with just my Liverock and sand providing me levels are cleared up then.

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I hear you with the false starts, I was waiting for the last box and the AC 70 inside was demolished.....still waiting for the re-order to arrive. But I decided to go ahead and start the cycling without it.


I went heavy on LR and LS in hopes that the tank would cycle quicker. I started out with 25 lb of LR and 15 lb of Agra-Live. Yesterday I lowered it to 20 lb of LR in my 10g.


Did you decide on drilling vs overflow? I was considering drilling my 10g and adding a 5g sump, but decided to just get started instead of always considering!


Hope it works out for you. Keep us posted.

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Im going with a overflow box instead of drilling. Im using a hang on breeder for the box and using parts from a old aquaclear for the rest. My LED's and pump still havnt arrived hopefully they will arrive today. Either way my tank is going together this weekend even if I have to go to petco and buy a cheap pump to move water with now. Im going with 7 pound of rock and sand. Im going to check out a couple local stores and if I dont find what I like Im ordering my live rock saturday from premium aquatics.

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My pump still hasnt arrived but I just set everything up outside of it. Started to put together my LED light for my fuge. If the pump arrives before I finish my overflow box and fuge light Im just going to get the tank going and cycling on its own and add the fuge when I finish the other pieces.

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Tank is up and running with no leaks :D. Right now I havnt plummed the sump I just have the pump in the tank circulating the water. Debating on weather its to much flow. A pilot friend of mine is getting me some sand from Florida Ill have that in a week. Im getting ready to order my live rock. Id like to see what everybody thinks Im getting my rock from premium aquatics. Im not sure if I should order there Nano rock or there rubble. Im thinking of going with a pile of rubble with the peak in the middle of my tank. If thats a mistake please let me know. Even if I dont like the look of it I can always throw the rubble in the sump when its done and order new rock for the tank.

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