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My New 4 day old Aquapod 12


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Hey everyone, after playing with a 2.5 and a 5G tank I am excited to introduce my 12G AP.


I researched the tank pretty well and I just need a few more suggestions...


I have read about what people are putting in the back 4 chambers, but I dont know if people are going from left to right or right to left.


Here is what I have done..


Left to right...


1st Chamber : Minijet 404 and the stock filter pad..


2nd Chamber : Empty


3rd Chamber: Carbon that came with tank..


4th Chamber : The stock pump and my heater. (all glass 100watt heat)


Should I move things around? change stock pump? change stock filter pad? I read about people adding a better Skimmer to it. (the little teeth at top of 1st chamber.)


So I am new to the AP but I love the tank so far.


I dont want to cut away any of the backing to make it so I can add a light back there for Cheato or anything... I was thinking about making a grow box out of a New born clear intake box, adding some live rock, sand and some cheato so the normal lights of the tank light the box. I will drill some holes in it for flow. (just an idea)


Here are a few picture of my tank now.




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in 1 i put the filter (cut in half) with charcoal underneath, 2 got my heater and temp probe, 3 empty, and 4 the pump. after 3 months i now have no filter just charcoal in 1, heater and temp probe in 2, nothing in 3 and pump in 4. that works well for me.

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Thanks kyle102565, Why did you remove the filter?



Does anyone know about the nano fussion skimmer? is it worth a try?

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yea, i have a fission skimmer. i dont no y people say they suck. i like mine. in my 1st chamber i have the sponge, cut in half. in the 2nd i have the fission skimmer. in the 3rd i have the other half of the sponge to stop the micro bubbles from going into the "tank part" and on top of the sponge i have rubble. in the 4th i have the pump and thats it.

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the only reason i used the sponge was to trap foreign objects like cat hair, carpet lint etc. while setting up the tank, constantly dipping my arms in to adjust and tinker with rockwork was putting all kinds of weird stuff in the water. i felt that after the tank established itself the filter would be a nitrate factory which led to me cleaning it every day. my tank is doing fine without it.

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