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Acrylic thinkness help ??


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Hi everyopne, Can sombody help me with my question ? :)


I was wondering ...... If i woud make a tank out of acrylic, Does anyone have a formula to figure out the width of acrylic ??


What would be the nessery thinknes for tanks of 3gallons, 8 gallons and 10 gallons ?? Is 1/4 of an inch to much or would i be able to work with thiner acrylic sheet?? (Easyer to cutt :) ) .


O and what are the eclipse tanks made of ?? Is it acrylic or is it plastic ?? the 3 and 6gallon system seems ta have very thin walls ??


Thank for your help !! :)

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I made a baffle once out of 1/8" acrylic at it bowed big time but it held. Since then I always work with 3/16" to 1/4". If you have never worked with acrylic before making a tank from scratch will be challenging. Definitely read up all you can.....


Hope this helps


Here is a link to some info.....May help a little


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Thanks for yuor Help ,!!! :) I apreciate it, Cool website there(lopts of infommation). HOw many gallons did the baffle hold ??? O and another thing , were do you buy the weld on glue ??



Thanks again !!

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Cool, I just went to home depot and saw some good sheet of plexiglass. They had All types, and all thiknesses. They had 1/4. It loos very thick. I read on the inernet that you don need special matchinery to cut it , Is that writght, One can cut it with a special knife like tool. IF any one know the gallon thickness relation formula of acrilic , i would apreciate it . Thanks.


Take care ! . :)

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