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i am currently running my system fish only with treated tapwater

however i would like to add live rock and sand to this and then some soft corals, is ro or purified water absolutly necessary, can i add this to my tapwater already in the system

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you might want to test your tap water before using it. some tap water has high level of phosphates, copper and other bad elements in it.


if you don't want to go the RO route you can pick up distilled water by the gallon for under a buck at most drug stores.

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if my tap water is phosphates and copper free, would this water be more than adaquate or is it just not a killer, how would corals and inverts growth be effected compaired to ro or distilled.

how do i test for these other bad elements


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the quality of tapwater is going to differ from place to place. Crakeur's tapwater maybe zero in phosphates up there in NY, but here in DC my tapwater may have a high level of phosphates. And please realize that your tapwater may have more than just copper and phosphates that could cause harm.


As for testing for these things, you can buy test kits almost anywhere - check out www.marinedepot.com - a nano-reef sponsor.


I personally don't rely on my tapwater, I use RO/DI and buy distilled water at the grocery store for top offs. That way I know I have good water.

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call your water company/utility. they're supposed have that info (what's in the water) as public domain. you'd be surprised what is acceptable for human consumption :x .


go at least ro imo if not ro/di or distilled. your MOST important factor is the water, then salt actually imo. everything else is for 'looks' basically.

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thanx for the info

is their any other elements or chemicals that are deadly that cant be tested for which could be in my water. if none of these are present does ro really make a huge difference

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I buy this water for $.58 per gallon at wal-mart. It just says "drinking water" on the label, but the tag in front of the bottles says "distilled". Am I safe using this water, or is it not "distilled" as well?

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If your going with a reef or just a few mushrooms or something I would recommend only using RODI water. Tap water usually carries the problem of brown and other algae problems due to high phosphates and other particulates. Stick with RODI if your getting some softies in your tank they will fair much much better

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I wasnt talking about tap water. I was talking about distilled water from wal-mart. I don't think it's just tap water. I was wondering if THAT"s ok, because RO/DI is out of the question.

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