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trying to bulid a fuge...(need lots of help)


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does this sound good ?


I am planning to do

a 4 gallon(about 4 gallons) plastic critter keeper up on a basment window just(convinintly) above my tank

201 power head pumping the water up through a syphon hose in to the top of the 4 gallon-(I dont want to drill an usnessasary hole I am not a very goog DYSer)and the water coming out of a hole in the other side of the tank with hose sticking through and seeled on the inside and out with fish tank seelent the hose is covered buy the basket things at the bottom of filter tubes

I am going to cover the bottom with crushed fiji sand and I am going to put a couple of pieces of live rock

how does that sound? am I missing any thing? anything wrong?


I also have a couple of questions:

1.I have heard mixed things about the light, do I need a high powered light? if so any suggestions?how much do they run generaly?(I just spent a bunch on my PC for my main tank)

2.how do I get the alge? does it come naturally?


I suck at building things so I want to get it all mapped out first>

any other suggestions or comments are more then welcome I need alot of help with this



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If you are going to do one hole for the return, you might as well do two bulkhead fittings. One for the in and one for the out.


You don't need a bunch of light. Go to walmart and get one of the 13 watt desk lamps or shop lights, add a 6500 bulb and that should work.


Well macro algaes you usually have to buy or get from a fellow reefer. I'd also add some rock rubble to the fuge too.

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cool thank you...I am thinking of buying a fuge instead I dont know....where whould I find a 6500 bulb? from a fish store or from walmart?


if I do bulid it ...what are bulkheads?

I imagine they are at home depot?

BTW I like your sephroth avitar! FFVII was one of the best!

heard anything about XI coming to USA yet? I hear it might not


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I just bought a JBJ 19" 36 watt PC, 50/50 light included for $35 on ebay. A seller named reefking. It's cool, it'a a clamp on & has telescopic arms. For $35, I thought it was an amazing deal, I think I paid about $8 for shipping & it arrived in less than 5 days. I'm extremely happy with it, my macro was happy with less but I figure now I can put a coral or two in there for short term if they need isolation. Here's the link to the purchase.



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