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I have a 30 gallon tank with an Eclipse 3 system. This seemed suitable when having a fish only tank, but recently I have wanted to add on a Protein skimmer and upgrade the lights. I know they have 55W retrofit kits, but with a 30 gallon tank that isn't even 2W per gallon....sooo, is it possible to house any kind of coral with that kind of lighting...and how does one add a protein skimmer to the tank since it is all enclosed? Should I just take off the Eclipse top and buy all new filtration and lighting?


Thank you for your help!

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IMO retrofitting eclipse hoods are not worth the hassel. Dealing with heat and salt krep will drive you nutz! Get a couple powerheads and a jbj formosa with legs and be done with it. You can make some $$$ to fund your purchases by selling your hood on ebay. This is what I did.

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Hey It seems we are in the same boat. I cut the back of my Eclipse3 Hood to fit the sea clone 100 protein skimmer on. I like too blow cash.......Stupidly I bought the retro fit kit 65w for the hood and now the watt ig is not enough. I going to cut my losses and wait a while to purchase anything else. Eventually I will purchase a standard hood of sourts that can acomadate the retro fit kit and add more lighting. I am wondering if I could support any corals under these conditions? Good Luck

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