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sump beta v1


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Well, i got more stuff in the mail today including my substrate, mag5, bulkheads, salt, test kits, and other odds and ends. I'm more and more exited as this whole thing comes together.


Anyway.. here's my final sump design... what i want to know is should i get another bulkhead and have my pump located outside the sump instead of submerged so it doesn't take up valuable real estate in the 'fuge) and so i can regulate flow to the main tank.

I'm going to split the return in the tank with loc line and use a "Y" splitter to have two nozzles pointed in different directions to act as powerheads.


so any last words before you say "i told you so" at a later date would be much appreciated.

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Congratulations on your shipment arrival redline!...hehehehe Cool!


Well you can still regulate the pump output whether or not its internal or external... but anyway, hell if you have room OUTSIDE the sump to place the pump and don't mind drilling another hole and installing a bulkhead then GO fer it! Just make sure you either have a cap-off arrangement for the inside of that bulkhead or a shut-off valve on the outside so you can disconnect the pump without having to drain that compartment out.


EDIT: Whoa, you posted another pic while I was typing.. Wow, Pop did a NICE job on the stand... it is the stand for the tank yes?

That will be a really nice setup!

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I agree with glazer, but, since this is a DIY, sometimes it's a good idea to minimize the possibility of accidents...especially in that new stand you are showing here...so I would put the pump inside the tank so if a seal breaks or a washer leaks, etc. ...it will just go into the tank...not on your floor. Plumbing CAN be tricky/ faulty. Im just saying you should be safe rather than sorry.

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Bubbling treasure chest? Alrightythen.


The design looks good to me. The only problem you might have is with bubbles in the first partition. I'm sure you can address that if it becomes a problem. I also vote for running the pump submersed. I've heard it better for them and keep it simple is always a good idea. Just put a ball valve above the pump and you can shut it off of adjust the flow.


That stand is beautiful. Seeing that so makes me want to learn to build furniture.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone :)


how is running a pump submerged better for the pump? is it to do with cooling?


I was also wondering about if it is submerged if i will need a titanium ground wire to get rid of extra static electricity?

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actually mags tend to flake out when run external, just run it submersive it will be easier. the stand looks bad ass, good work on that. only other thing i might say is that your water in your sump will just skim over the fuge you want the water to flow through it.

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