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Minimum Gallonage For Puffer


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hey guys, im thinking of setting up my 10g tank while i set up my 20g tank so that i can get them both going. now i want a puffer, but cant keep him in my 20 cuz thats going to be a small reef tank. so could i keep one of these in my 10g?


hawaiian saddle puffer

sharp nose puffer

valentini puffer


i was going to keep him in my 10 along with a small hawk cuz i kno they are both predatory fish. i wont have much live rock, maybe a piece here and there, but mainly open water. so which would be able to work if any?

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All of those arent good for a 10g, not even the hawk. WHy not do it the other way around? 10g reef, and 20g FO, but even a 20g seems a bit small for a puffer.



Oh ya, could we try using correct grammar? Its WELL NOT GOOD!

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