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Clowns too fat


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I just got a scooter blenny which seems kind of thin. So I have been feeding him and ofcourse the clowns twice a day frozen brine shrimp. Between the fish and the cleaner shrimp the food is all gone each time. But now my husband think the clowns look "pregnant" because their bellies are fat.

Should I cut down on the food? What about the skinny blenny?



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Brine shrimp = celery. It has no nutrition.


Next time don't buy a scooter "blenny" (actually a dragonet; think mandarin) unless you have a large enough tank to sustain a large enough population of microfauna for it to eat. These guys rarely take prepared food, and will die of malnutrition from brine.


Besides, the fatter a fish is, the cuter it is. :P (But seriously, your water quality WILL suffer.)

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No, scooter blennies eat microfauna--"pods". You may be thinking of the so-called "lawnmower blennies".

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yeah scooter blennies will eat nothing but copepods and amphipods... and they will really starve themselves to death. i guess some fish can't conceptualize starvation lol

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