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what type of filter?


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hi all i just got my southdown sand i got a 15g cube i plan to get like 20lbs of live rock what type of filter should i put on or skimmer i should use what do u recomend i do please let me know cause i want to get this tank running soon

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I would recommend an Aqua C remora filter. I've had mine for a couple of years now, and have had no problems with it. It's definitely one of the best HOB skimmers out today.


And please slow down!!! by your "i want to get this tank running soon" comment i would suggest you take your time to get the tank cycled and stable.


What type of lighting are you using over the tank?

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thats for your reply im in no hurry but i want to have all the right equipment so i do it right.for lighting i need help on that what kinda light can i put on this 15g cube.should i buy a glass hood with the light fixture on top?what type of hood u recomend.I plan on putting 2 percula clowns maybe one other small fish i would like some corals with my live rock

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Great choice on the pair of clowns. What are the dimensions of the tank? As far as the lighting type goes, I would definitely go with some PC lights. Do you want a hood on the tank or do you want an open top look?

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