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The anenome incident is finally over. The ammonia levels are zero again, as is nitrate, nitrate is going down. All 10 snails (Astrea & Turbo - I think) are OK, and the hammer frag has made a full recovery and is fat and happy again. The only loss has been my really nice Blue-Tipped Acro, but oh well at least that was it.

Anyway, I have ordered a heater and powerhead to start preparing to keep SPS again. The snails are doing a great job on everything except themselvs. About half of them have huge trails of hair alage sticking to their shells. I'm not sure what to do - should I just stick a pair of scissors in there and cut it off? I also am gonna order some bumblebee and narcissus snails to eat the detrius that is on the bottom of my sandless tank. All this sound good? And a final question, how often do shrimps molt? Mine has done so about three times in three months, comming up to the end of month 4. Is this bad? Its a Scarlet Cleaner.


Thanks all

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