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Calcium/Additives Q's


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So I just got my first peice of SPS! :)

I ended up with two frags of Monti's (purple and green) from a local reefer last weekend. They've only been in the tank a week, but seem to be settled in just fine.


I currently do not dose anything. The only thing that goes into the tank is 1 cap full of DT's each week. Im thinking that I'll test my calcium levels this weekend and most likely attempt to raise them slighly (assuming calcium is a little low).


My questions:

- What range should calcium be at?

- If calcium is low, what options do I have in raising it?

- Dosing? What to dose?

- Other methods besides dosing?

- Whats your method?

- What are the downsides of the method you've advised.



happy reefin'

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Hey GeekReef, your Ca levels should be around 400 and your Alk should be around 10 DKH. I use B-Ionic to keep up with my Ca demands which also contains the right amount of Mg. If your Ca levels are really low, do a water change to start, that will help raise and balance your Ca/Alk levels, then dose B-Ionic as needed. It comes in 2 parts, one for Ca one for Alk so dose accordingly. I have a dosing pump to take care of my dosing needs, I just set it and it keeps everything right where I need it. The only down side to dosing B-Ionic is the costs involved, 35 bucks for 1 gallon of each part. With a nano it's still affordable, but very large tanks could be using this much every few weeks. I'd imagine your Ca demand is very small so you might be able to dose once or twice a week to keep up with your demand, instead of daily like most SPS keepers. :) Hope this helps, you can click my link below to see how I've got my setup. The dosing pump was a recent addition so it should be towards the end of my thread. Feel free to PM me if you have any direct questions, I've missed... :)

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around 500ppm you'll encounter problems keeping your alkilinity stable and your tank will begin to "snow" excess calcium. 400-450ppm is a good range. I like using limewater to maintain and bakingsoda/turbo calcium to raise.

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I try to keep my tank at PH 8.3 Alk 6.5 Cal. 425 and I fine it very easy using SeaChem products but many here have had succese with others there just not my fav.

Like said above anything over 475 is high at 500 problems happen

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