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New to reefing


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I just started a 20 gallon reef with 10 gal sump.


I bought some live roock about 17 lbs and was wondering if i could put in died live rock ?


is this a problem the guy at the lfs says he wouldn't do it.

the rock has been in a cover tub in the back ard for about a year and a half

i wasted it off and put it in

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as long as nothing got on it or anything. just watch yoy params and do waterchanges to get anything down if something leaches out

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One Eyed Bunny

Considering you can never trust a LFS less you've done successful business with him. If you want to make sure each piece is perfect, boil it in a pot and re-cure it. I've heard too many people's horror stories about dropping in live rock that was supposedly cured. This lead to an amnonia spike that ruined their tank.


Be sure. Cure.

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Use the dead dried out live-rock for your base rock. Since your tank is a new setup going thru cycling the dead rock is not going to hurt anything. The dead rock will get re-colonized soon with new life. Worst case it may take some extra time for your tank to cycle.


Sometimes people throw dead dried out live-rock into an established tank and it can reek havoc with their water quality, but since your tank is cycling your water quality is low anyway.

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One Eyed Bunny

I never thought to ask. Is your tank cycled or do you have any actual fish and/or inverts? If so, follow the rules and cure it. If you're still cycling and just looking to add more live rock you can do one of two things:


1. Cure your tank to make sure you don't transfer any unwanted pests or parasites from your that live rock to your tank.


2. Dump the rock in, taking the risk of gaining new, unwanted hitchhikers or getting lucky and earning something beneficial or indifferent to your tank.


Both have their benefits and disadvatanges and ultimately you must weigh them and see which choice you'll decide to go with. Again, only choose one of the two choices if you do not have any fish or inverts already in the tank.

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One Eyed Bunny
if you read anything hes jusdt starting it


I read, actually, and "started" doesn't specify whether or not he has already cycled his tank or not. It could mean he only has saltwater in, or has some live rock (which is what I assumed at first), or he has a damsel in to cycle. There are a number of possible scenarios simply by stating "just started" so before you try to attack my post, consider all possible angles.



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its a brand new set up Not cycled


with 20 lbs of live sand

17 lbs of live rock LFS told me it was cured

10 lbs of "base rock" old live rock that i let sit in a cover tub outside for 1 year and a half


nothing else unless i got a hitch hiker


LFS keeps its live rock in a tank that is filter with high salt content which is kinda like curing not sure on the details i mgiht ask next time i go

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