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Cycling . . . No Nitrites

Ars Reefia

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My tank has been cycling now for 2 1/2 weeks. The ammonia started out at .8 and has been gradually dropping to .2


My nitrates have been steady at 20 the whole time, but I haven't seen any nitrites yet. I've run two tests (FasTest and the Jungle Lab strips) over the whole time period and no nitrites have been detectable the whole time. I feel silly getting a Salifert nitrite test when I shouldn't have to care about nitrites again.


Is my cycling just taking very long, or can the nitrite phase be unsusceptable?

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correct me if im wrong but nitrates are supposed to be removed by water changes.


Edit: Refer to this nitrogencycle.gif


Your nitrates can be removed through water changes.

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Im in the process of a cycle with a new 20g tall. I have also had a 0ppm reading in Nitrites. Which is very strange i think. The last time I cycled a tank I had nitrites for about 3 weeks then it droped to 0. Good question man.

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