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Anyone tried this new putty "Waterweld"


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I was going to pick up some of that aquamed(?) from HD but when I was at the auto parts store I saw this....


Apparently it's new and made to work under water....



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does it say "safe for aquariums" or "not for aquarium use" on it anywhere?



Neithere but I did find this on their site that sounds good...


WATERWELD is approved by the National Sanitation Foundation for use with potable water (meaning you can drink safely from fresh water pipes or utinsels repaired with it).



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Sounds good, but water is safe for drinking after passing through copper pipes, but copper is toxic to a reef.


Safe for humans doesn't always equate with reef-safe. I wouldn't take the risk with my livestock. Try contacting JBweld and ask them specifically if it's aquarium safe.

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