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Cultivated Reef

37 Gallon VHO's?


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Well I have had my 37 Gallon set up for over 4 months and I pla on getting some VHO's. Right now its only got two NO's in it (Actinic, Daylight), but I want more light. I want about 7 watts per gallon in tehre so I plan on getting an IceCap 430 Ballast. I would have 4x75 watt lights in there (2 actinic and 2 daylight). Would this be overkill? Is this enough light for a Maxima Clam or Acopora? Would there be a cheaper way to go? And would I need fans and if so how many?

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i also have a 37g with only 2 20w 50/50,

i was planning on upgrading this before i introduced any liverock or sand, being told it would not survive under such low lighting, what lr/s have u got and how is it fairing

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