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What is the best algae for a refugium???? I have heard nothing but bad things about Caulerpa so I have decided to stay away from it altogether. I would like something that will do a good job challenging the algae in the tank for nutrients. Any other refugiums advice would be helpful as well...

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actually hair/turf algae imo (microalgae). just harder to harvest it if you're also using the refugium as an algae scrubber or when it grows too much. otherwise it's better for microfauna ime. i do suspect it releases noxious stuff more than other options tho : but i'm a heavy carbon and skimming-type of guy.


that spaghetti macro is also getting a lot of rave reviews too. chaetomorphia or whatever it's called.


i still prefer grape caulerpa tho. fast and easy, like my women. :woot:


btw i guess you had a bad exp. with champion. i've ordered with them for years and never had a bad problem. they've sent me wrong stuff, way back before they upgraded their site, but they replaced it no prob. i'm just surprised. they definitely ain't the fastest ols around or even have the best selection (very limited imo) but they've been very steady, for me anyways.

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Thanks for the response...I am avoiding the caulerpa due to the what happens if it dies off and the growth rate....Champion is awful had a very bad experience with them, particularly a guy named Perry Kunkle, guy is a bonafied "dick in the ass".... Who names their kid Perry anyway???? Had to file complaint with the Better Business Beureau and apparently they have quite a file there...Glad to hear you had no problems. I personally would never ever order from them and not encourage anyone else to do so either. But then again I have an axe to grind, sorry for the rant. But they are frauds.


Any other refugium advice is welcomed. Let me know how yours has worked for you so far...

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