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Any suggestions on transporting 60ish gallons of water?


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I'm almost to the point of filling the forty. Hopefully it will pass the holds water test without leaking or running over tomorrow. If it does I need to get saltwater into it.


I'm hoping to get water from Jeff's which is a 20ish minute drive from my house. I only have one 5 gallon container and don't like the idea of going back and forth 12 times. ;)


Trash cans, rubbermaid containers.......? Cheap would be good. I have a truck and lots of tie downs.......

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get a couple of those party tubs (20~25g) and line it with a garbage bag. then you can tie it closed to minimize spillage and then tie down the tub.


or...get distilled water bottles (5~6g each) and then make your own. drawback is the deposit for the bottles tho. initially $$$ altho you get it back.


does jeff give you freshly made or tank?

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Couple thoughts Liz,

First of all, a big WOOT on filling it up...was wondering how progress was going as hadn't heard much lately. Have you just checked some of the local water companies out for home delivery? I know at least in Chicago there is lots of them that sell RO/DI water and will deliver it right to your door.... last time I did that was several years ago for a 75 gallon tank and I think it ran be like 70 cents a gallon delivered... which brings me to another ?/point... hmmm, got enough tanks going now that you definitely qualify for owning your very own shiny RO/DI unit... not sure how that fits in the budget though.

The other thing is the big ol' Rubbermade trash cans... like the 35 gallon size. Don't get the GREEN ones... the black ones. You could be um, well you know, cheeky and buy them at WalMart...haul your water and then returning them citing some kind of silly village ordinance that they don't meet prescribed codes/specs....lol Or hell, maybe yer trash cans need to be updated anyway, hehe :D


EDIT: OH HEY! (you posted while me typing) There ya go! Go fer the delivery... it's like so tre chic! heehee

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I always see people at jeffs with trashcans in the back of there trucks for getting water. They just back the truck up, and then fill them up with water while the trashcans are still in the truck.

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