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Poinous ZOANTHIDS =0


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I recently discovered that zoanthids are poisous with palytoxins/neurotoxins...read some horror stories on RC..and other sites, read on wet web media!!! im gettin creeped out !! polythoa are zoanthids of the big kind and our the most poisonous!! well do you know if fire and ice zoas, or brown body with orange mouth zoas are poisonous??? they are small, and im zery concearned if i accidentally do somthing stupid..do i have to worry!

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no worries, just send them all to me...

seriously though, as long as you are careful and dont eat any or squeeze zoanthid juice in your eye, you should be fine

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Like Andy said above.


They are capable of squirting so with glasses and a closed mouth you should be fine. But keep a towel with you just in case they do squirt. BTW in my experience the palys are more likely to squirt.

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My freind had a minibow 7 that was totally encrusted in zoa's the whole thing and you couldn't put your hand in the water without feeling a little effect probably from the zoo's/palys. I've seen squirters before but never zoanthids! :)LOL

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you dated her too huh :lol:


lmao . That's some nasty stuff. Lemme check if i'm dating the same girl, haha.


Once I saw the title I was like "not again." It's starting to get like that tang thing you know. Anyways...I never knew that they squirted. I knew that they had the toxin though. It's nothing to worry about with zoas really. Just becareful with paly's. I touch my zoas all the time with no ill effects.

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Im glad you got the joke!


who didnt!!! lmao good joke...


I think there have been some very in depth threads on this subject:






Amung others....


ok..im confused..its good that only 1 species has polytoxin..but yea...still some or toxic...what about when i siphon...if i get water in my mouth after a zoanthid popped =0 WHAT THEN IM DEAD!!!

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Zoanthids are delicious. I eat them for breakfast with soy milk.


Seriously, I've had zoa-juice in my eye with no ill effects. Much ado about nothing.

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The ones you need to watch out for are Palythoa toxica.

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this one time, my friend was fragging zoos and he left the bucket of water he fragged and dipped the zoos in on the ground and his dog came over and drank from the bucket and ended up dying the next day.[/sarcasm]


on an honest note, i've been sprayed in the eye my zoos a good number of times and had no problems. well...besides having slow reflexes, of course. :D

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