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Schleronephthyas? Neospongodes?


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I've done a bunch of searches on these guys and have come up with a general Schleronephthya as the ID (also what the LFS sold the frags to me as). I know for sure they're non-photosynthetic, as the don't respond to light at all. I bought them as frags and glued them to the same rock, which was stupid of me if they do any chemical warfare at all. Both frags did readily attach themselves.


The orange one has bolder orange polyps, although he's not doing to well. He hasn't fully extended for about a month. I believe he's a sort of Scleronephthya.


The two purple frags have yellow polyps and a sort of cross-hatch pattern on the body. They fully extend once or twice a day and are doing much better than the orange bretheren. I think these guys may be a Neospongodes of sorts.


I've been spot feeding with DTs and also use Mark Weiss's Spectra-Vital every so often (cos I bought it a long time ago and it actually seems to help things overall). I assume they may capture tiny bits of leftovers from the fish, but who knows.


The closest related pics I've seen have been on www.garf.com in the All About Corals folder in the documents about Family Nephtheidea and Non-Photosynthetic Predatory corals. NPP corals don't seem to be standard in the hobby, so it's difficult finding much on the subject. Any info or leads you guys may have are appreciated, as always.

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I see no question here.....


so I reply:


warty soft corals.

in the carnation family.

2-6 month survivability.

Yer screwed.

sorry d00d.

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