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Sad day at the LFS


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After getting credit for my lionfish, snowflake moray, and gigantic hermit crab last week at the lfs, I went back today. My once very active and happy 1 year old snowflake moray was in a tank curled up under a small piece of coral skelton with fish nipping at its spine fin near its tail, with nowhere to hide. Told the lfs emp. and he didn't give a sh**. Thinking of buying him back even though I have to pay $39 instead of the $8 dollar credit I got for it. Need to take out koran angel too because it is getting too big. For now on, I am going to donate to Birchs' Aquarium at Scripps Oceanography here in SD if they will allow it. Anyone know if they do?

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Hmm... I kind of doubt that any aquarium would accept just any donation, perhaps if they were looking for a species... but they would have to continually upgrade if they accepted everyones donations. Anyhow... there are plenty SD people here... they should know a better lfs. What was the name of the store you took it to?

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Yeah I agree with inpha, aquariums and such rarely take donations like that. If they did they would be swamped with people trying to swap out stuff when it got too big.


Why not post a classified on here or other boards and see if anyone in the area can take your stuff.



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Here's one for ya':


There's an LFS at the northern edge of Parkdale (low-rent -> gentrified area) in Toronto. I was driving past it one day and decided to drop in. Who do I see there? Well, I see two officers from the SPCA!


I didn't spend much time there ;) Besides, their tanks were a mess (no floaters, at least), there was dust over all their stock, and some the staff looked like they spent their evenings at the Salvation Army.


There are enough decent LFSs / pet stores in this world that you shouldn't have to deal with crummy ones.

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Talk to the owner. Talk loudly to the owner. Be sure to tell him/her what their employee said.


If that doesn't work call the SPCA. Pet store owners in California by law have to provide safe and clean enviorments for the animals in their care. Tell the owner that too.


Here's the statute;


597l. (a) It shall be unlawful for any person who operates a pet

shop to fail to do all of the following:

(1) Maintain the facilities used for the keeping of pet animals in

a sanitary condition.

(2) Provide proper heating and ventilation for the facilities used

for the keeping of pet animals.

(3) Provide adequate nutrition for, and humane care and treatment

of, all pet animals under his or her care and control.

(4) Take reasonable care to release for sale, trade, or adoption

only those pet animals that are free of disease or injuries.

(5) Provide adequate space appropriate to the size, weight and

specie of pet animals.

(B) (1) Sellers of pet animals shall provide buyers of a pet

animal with general written recommendations for the generally

accepted care of the class of pet animal sold including

recommendations as to the housing, equipment, cleaning, environment,

and feeding of the animal. This written information shall be in a

form determined by the sellers of pet animals and may include

references to Web sites, books, pamphlets, videos, and compact discs.


(2) If a seller of pet animals distributes material prepared by a

third party, the seller shall not be liable for damages caused by any

erroneous information in that material unless a reasonable person

exercising ordinary care should have known of the error causing the


(3) This subdivision shall apply to any private or public retail

business that sells pet animals to the public and is required to

possess a permit pursuant to Section 6066 of the Revenue and Taxation


(4) Charges brought against a seller of pet animals for a first

violation of the provisions of this subdivision shall be dismissed if

the person charged produces in court satisfactory proof of

compliance. A second or subsequent violation is an infraction

punishable by a fine not to exceed two hundred fifty dollars ($250).


© As used in this section, the following terms have the

following meanings:

(1) "Pet animals" means dogs, cats, monkeys, and other primates,

rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, snakes, iguanas,

turtles, and any other species of animal sold or retained for the

purpose of being kept as a household pet.

(2) "Pet shop" means every place or premises where pet animals are

kept for the purpose of either wholesale or retail sale. "Pet shop"

does not include any place or premises where pet animals are

occasionally sold.

(d) Any person who violates any provision of subdivision (a) is

guilty of a misdemeanor and is punishable by a fine of not to exceed

one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by imprisonment in the county jail

for not more than 90 days, or by both that fine and imprisonment.




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I would talk to the owner and well...ask him to do something about it, it he won't....threaten him.


You have access to a lot of readers on the internet. Relation on you story including the stores name would potentially really hurt their bussiness (legally you wouldn't be libel for anything, all you are doing is recounting a true story). Besides, people have a right to know how the people they buy from do business to better make informed consumer choices.


If the owner likes making $$, he will want to keep customers happy and will do something about the situation. If not...he can go out of business...all the better for the aquatic life in the world.


Besides $8 for a $39 sale, when I trade in fish I breed I want 50% (compared to what they sell it for) credit or at least 33% cash. If not I'll just go to another LFS. I usually get better than that, when I have gone in and noticed I was given jack compared to the sale price, I say something because I was lied to. Most LFS owners don't try to screw you and wind up making honest mistakes. The only time this happened I got a really good deal on some fish and corals.

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Originally posted by kimura

cirionrc,  I'm real antsy to know which LFS.  Can you give us a little hint???


Aquatic Warehouse. I know that when someone talks bad about aquatic warehouse they get offended. Anyone that is, go see for yourself. Walk straight in to the main tank area. It is the second tank to the left in the very front (not the lobby). I told the older dirty blond guy and he did not care.

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