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Dosing-yes, no, maybe so?


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from what I gather

dosing is the act of dosing your tank with calcium ect...

I bought a reef kit thing that I can dose and test with but I have heard mixed things about this


should I do it ?

can someone explain it to me?

should I wait until I get corals?


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Originally posted by Iphantom

I bought a reef kit thing that I can dose and test with but I have heard mixed things about this  


give some more detail on what you bought

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ok it is from Red sea

its called 'reef lab"

and it has test kits for nitrate phosphate and calcium

it has 6 supplements







I have NO idea what most of these are

this kit is probley the most confusing thing I have encountered

I really need some help on this subject and maybe some tips or sites that can help with reef keeping and coral keeping



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I would forget about those additives. Get your tank running, and don't worry about dosing or adding anything for the first 2-3 months. After that, you might want to look into dosing kalkwasser or maybe doing a 2 part additive such as ESV B-Ionic.


Trace elements are replenished when you do water changes, which with a nano you should be doing every 1 or 2 weeks.

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in very very simple terms:


You have corals and they need calcium to grow. Some of the calcium they need come from synthetic salt through water changes. If you want to provide more calcium, you need to add it. However, when you add calcium, it messes with your alkalinity. Alk and Calc have an inverse relationship.


The key is using two balanced additives, one that adds calcium and one that buffers the water, to prevent a change in alkalinity.


Not sure if all that is right, but you get the idea.


It is all about balance. Kalkwasser is one of the best solutions out there; however, it can be a chore to prepare and you may find yourself getting lazy. An easy alternative is B-Ionic. It is a two part additive that you dose in equal amounts. Pretty fool proof.

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Like above...


if you plan on doing mostly softies, dosing something like B-Ionic may just be a matter of choice. Corralline will appreciate it, but most soft corals will probally care less.


But if you want to go into LPS corals (blastomussa,candy cane, etc...) eventually, you might go ahead and start getting your Cal/Alk levels up and stable.


Basically, a 2 part additive is about the only thing I see most people here using (there are other that have the mad scientist lab running :P ). A weekly water change should be able to pelinish any of the other trace elements.

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imo before you start buying a whole lot of additives, chemicals, test kits, and DEFINITELY before more livestock i would highly recommend buying one of the basic marine books ($15~$30). that small amount will probably save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars, depending on how bad you're addicted to this hobby. there have been many good books recommended in this forum.


now i don't disagree with the suggested additives but i recommend going slow and learning the basics before getting everything and then learning you don't really need that much of this or that.


ols are going to be better priced than any lfs ime. hth

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