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Cultivated Reef

What is your microenvironment ?


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Per Tullock, you should decide habitat of your tank based on the fact if they are "sympatric species" or not. He gives few examples of the reef environment in his book "Natural reef Aquarium". This is to request all of you guys and gals to give their thoughts as to how did they decide what species to put in tank? In other words, tell us what is your microenvironment?


Is it close to mexican, hawaii, florida habitat?

Is it shallow water, deep water? and so on.

Or you don't care because your tank is working just fine.


In any case It will help us all if you include details about inhabitants of your tank.







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Mine are Liberty Island Tanks. They have species from all around the world living together as one happy community. North, South, East, West, Shallow and Deep.

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