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Cultivated Reef

Brown dust


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My tank is 4 mos old ,55 gallon, I had 50 lbs LR.I just added 15 more lbs cured LR. Is that the reason why my glass,rock,substrate is covered with brown dust ?If thats the case,what is it and when will it clear up ? Another possibility is that one of my actinic bulbs broke and all I had to replace it with is a 4100 k pc bulb. I now have 1-55w actginic,2-55w 10000k and 1-4100k. Could the 4100k light be causing this ?The actinic replacement is on its way. My readings are





salinity- 1.024



I have snails,crabs,2 cleaner shrimp,yellow tang,hippo tang,clown,scotter blennie,and 2 damsels.Mushroom and bubble coral.


fluval 304 filter,protien skimmer,2 power heads.THANKS

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