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Shy Clowns


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I purchase two captive bred clowns about a week ago and I have never seen them swim up to the front of tank. I always see them hugging the back wall and are usually in the lower corners of the tank. Even when I feed they seem to stay back in the tank and wont come forward if I put food towards the front.


Is this because they are still getting used to the tank? will they ever come towards the front? are there ways to get them to venture out more...for example feeding habits?


Has anyone else had a similar situation?


Thanks GM

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I just got a mated pair today from Dr. Macs, and they are acting the same way.


What size is your tank? I have a 24g

Will they venture out to eat if you put the food near the front of the tank?

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my false perc was exactly the same in my nc 6 for the first week or so. After I reduced the flow a bit he started becoming more active; and even more active after i added my arrow crab

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As long as your param's are good, they'll come around in a few days. No white spots on them correct?

Just getting used to their new home, mine would swim in place in a top corner in the highest flow possible. Now can't get him to stop bothering me when I'm near the tank. Trying to decide the next coral w/him hosting it.

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