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Is this over kill/ a good deal for a 10gallon


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I found this on e-bay and i was wondering if it was a good deal and how hard it would be to get this up and running and then if i would need a new bulb and then also would 400w be too much for a 10 gallon tank?


or if not that something like this



If you wanted to use your tank to distill water, 400 watts over 10g would be fine. If you are looking for any other application (say... fish, corals, inverts, etc), this would be way too much. Email the guy and ask him what the Kelvin temp is of the bulbs - make sure it's a useable spectrum (6,000K - 20,000K).


It seems like a decent price, assuming the manufacturer is good quality and their warranty is sufficient.


Best of Luck!

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does that e-bay link look like a good deal, and what else would i need with it do you think to make it a functioning light for an qarium i was looking at the 175w kit


I found out that the light inculded in the kit is a they are 4300 -Full Sunlight- bulbs i assume thats no good and i would need a 10k or 14k or is that just person opinion

feedback is very helpful!!

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