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Aquarium kits


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Ive been looking all around and i cant seem to find very many good aquarium kits and just wondering if anyone would like to send me a link of some good aquarium set up sites

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If you want to have a good kit try a 10gallon tank 96watt power quad and a skimmer would be better than any kit I know about. If you have your ming set on akit nano customs(look under sponsers) has some nice ones.

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In general, most aquarium kits are garbage, especially the ones the pet stores sell. You are much better off researching individual components and then peicing your system together. If you are not sure what you need, than well, just ask and im sure everyone can help you out :)

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I wanted a big tank but I dont have any idea of what type of things to get for a reef tank i know where to get live sand and live rock just the tank and the filters and all other accesories i need to order any idea of what to order and off where? iam getting either a 29gall or 30,gall depening on what stand iam getting soon

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Well the first thing you need to determain is the tank size and then what type of reef tank you want (mixed, all stonies, etc.).


Then, start looking for equipment that will be suitable for the tank size and types of animals you want to keep.


The main parts of a reeftank are...



-Filtration (protien skimmer, refugium, etc.)



Then there are things like calcium supplementation, auto top off, and other things like that that are not always neccessary but often save alot of time and hastle.

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