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Sketcher's 30 gallon Jalli Cube


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After 2 months of researching and ordering equipment, I finally started setting up my reef tank. The glass tank is a 30 gallon Jalli Cube purchased from a LFS. Dimensions are 24x18x16.5 (viewing area 24x13). It comes with 2x55 CF light fixture (replaced with Sunpod 150w MH), venturi style protein skimmer (replaced with AquaC Remora), wet/dry filter (replacing with fuge), and 14w 343gph return pump. The tank looks almost exactly like an 32g M-Tank except it has a wider viewing area and there are 2 chambers in the back.



24" Sunpod mounted on top. The maple stand (24x18x32) was custom built by SoCalCreations (thanks Randy!)



Eggcrate is great for open top aquariums-helps keep fishes in. AquaC Remora skimmer in the rear chamber.



Seio M620 wavemaker creates nice gentle flow.


My other equipment will include:



WON 50w Titanium Heater x 2

Added safety in case one fails. Also won't have to worry about it breaking




More accurate and reliable compared to hydrometers


RO/DI Water Filter:

110 gpd RO+DI water filter

DI water + salt=less contamination compared to tap or softening systems.



Instant Ocean


Water Purity Tester:

HM Digital TDS meter


Water Test Kit:

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Saltwater Liquid Master Test Kit

tests pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate


Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Saltwater Calcium Test Kit



32lbs Kaelini Tonga Live Rock (very porous and light rock)


18lbs AragAlive Fiji Pink sand for 1-1.5" sand bed


2 Onyx Percula clowns

1 Helfrichi firefish (or Purple)

1 Carpenter's Flasher Wrasse (or Fairy)


8 Nessarius snails

5 Scarlet hermits

2 Baha Red leg hermits

4 Cerith snails

5 Astrea snails

1 Blood shrimp

1 Skunk shrimp


Eventually I would like to get some LPS or SPS coral, clam, and maybe anemone. Right now i'm working on the fuge. I'll take out all except the bottom wet/dry filter tray and add 5lbs of live rubble and Chaetomorpha for instant fuge. As for fuge lighting, a simple lightclamp and 13w bulb from Home Depot will be easy and cheap to setup. I'll update with more pics later. Any questions or comments please feel free to post. Thanks for looking!

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Very nice, you might need more sand, maybe


your stand is very nice, fits perfectly. Are you planning to make a sump?

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drowning: Thanks for the reply. Since I'm now past the initial learning phase of trying to figure out which equipment to buy (which was harder than I thought), I can focus more on cycling the tank and maintaining good water quality. I can't wait to add livestock!


Semi_xAsian: Thanks for the comments. I may increase sandbed to 2". I won't be getting any jawfishes or gobies so I don't have to worry too much about thickness. The sump is actually built into the tank. There are two chambers in the back-one overflow chamber where I'll keep 2 heaters and the protein skimmer and the 2nd chamber will hold the live rubble and macroalgae. I just add top-off water to the back when needed.



Overflow chamber on the right and return on the left (lots of room for fuge after I take out the top 3 filter trays and media)

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Nice! I've got a Jalli tank also. I put a SCWD in mine. So you swapped out the venturi skimmer with a Remora, eh? Do you know which one is quieter?

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