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Starting my 10 gallon nano tank


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hey everyone! After a couple of weeks of planning and months of research, I have finally started my nano tank! I ordered all of my supplies from Drs. Foster & Smith.com


Here are my supplies:

Deep Six hydrometer

50 gal. Instant Ocean

1 maxi jet 600 powerhead

1 visi-therm stealth heater-50w

stick on thermometer

Aqua Clear 110(500)

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Interesting... goodluck! You should check out the guy on RC nano reef forums who did a rock wall with egg crate and LR, might give you some ideas.

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dude if your friends giving you a 75 gallon then return your 50 gallon real quick and then when you get the 75 g, buy some amazing stuff with the money =D or you can use the 50 as a sump

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130watts should be fine, go for 150w Mh since your only 20 watts away.


Your planning on a 75 gallon Already??!! you just started this tank, one step at a time.

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I just dropped $200 worth of stuff into my 6g cube on Sunday :-( I still have my 24g and my 90g at the office to stock while still maintaining my 60g and 10g at home. Gotta love this hobby. Good luck on the 10g

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