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2 IDs: flat shroom-like coral & what is this other shroom doing?


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What is this flat, leathery looking coral the shrimp is standing on? Off on the left edge of the pic you can see the edge of a bumpy green shroom... I'm talking about the brown mat with very small polyps on it. I think the largest polyps have 12 tentacles though others seem to have less. It has been slowly growing on my shroom rock and doesn't seem to be bothering anything, but I gots to know what it is!


(There is a much larger image on my web site.)




Also, I have a nice blue striped shroom on another rock. Today it looks very shriveled, but I can see a strange red/brown mat extending from underneath it. You can see part of this protrusion on the shroom's left side in this picture. Since it has seemed very happy until now, I am hoping this means it is reproducing. I'd be sad if my cool $3 shroom bit the dust.




Thanks for the help!

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