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hi there,


my tank has been cycling for about three and a half weeks now with live rock(cured).

Have loads of life on the live rock, and lots of brown algy and copepods(i think).


My question is my test results havent really changed since I started, has only shown trace amounts of ammonia and nitrate and nitrites. How do I know if it has cycled? Im tempted to add a clean up crew to start combating the algy.



Also water looks almost like there is dust in it - will this go?


Thanks for the help

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Wait until ammonia and nitrites are 0. Sometimes a cycle does take longer than 4 weeks (sometimes 8). Even after your values are 0, you should still wait another week or two to add your crew.


What brand of testkit are you using? Some of those cheapy all in one test kit kits aren't too terribly accurate.


Everything will chage after your cycle is done and the cleanup crew is added I wouldn't fret any algae or "dust" (most likely diatoms) yet.

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You can, it'll take longer that way though.


WC during cycles is for if you have a lot of life that you think will die off with a hard cycle. I'd imagine you're probably past that big danger point.

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