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Lighting Question


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I've been searching around the past few weeks to see which lighting would be the best lighting option for my 24g Nano cube. I've narrowed my choices down to two, possibly a third lighting options...


The Tek light 24" with two sun bulbs, one blue, and one actinic bulbs.



The CurrentUSA 150W HQI sunpod



Would I have to buy separate actinic lights to supplement this?


or... the Finnex HQI 150W



I might be reading it wrong... but it looks like the Finnex has two power compact bulbs with it that I could get with 20000K to help with the actinic spectrum?


I currently have some Zoos, a hammer coral, and starburst polyps in my tank and I'm looking to try SPS or maybe even a clam after a little more experience and research.


Your opinions on any of these lighting options would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Bump, would the sunpod be alright by itself with the 14000K MH or would the Finnex be better with the 20000K?


I am not a big fan of MH for small tanks becasue of the heat. I also prefer to keep the tank all self contained.


Have you looked at the nanocustoms 3.36 upgrade kit?




It is a hood mod and very nice. He now has new CNC machined reflectors that make the whole install a breeze. I got the 4.24 kit for my 12OG tank. I am just waiting for the new machined reflector to put it in and write the review article.

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