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What's the status on AGA's new Nano?

Patrick G.

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So, what happened to the dude who was supposed to see AGA's new Nano Cube on Saturday???



Unfortunately, but expectedly it was a bust. Maybe we'll get some info later. Getting information on aquariums other than JBJ is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


Here is his post on another forum.


"Sorry guys. No info yet on the AGA 'BIO-CUBE' other than the name. Our meeting was at the home of Matt Allen, who does the marketing for AGA, KENT, ESU (Coralife), Oceanic, etc...and the presentation was done by his buddy, Jeff Turner, one of the founding members of ORA. The AGA product was quickly forgotten since we had special ORA goods, and other nifty door prizes and a 210g schweeeet system to look at.


I will know as soon as it comes out, and prolly have pics. I will try to pump Matt for more info, but the delay from what I remember is something with the lighting/ballasts. AGA really wants to get things right the first time here, but when Matt promises big, he usually delivers bigger. The JBJ, and many other 'cubes' are just cheap Chinese products that are rebadged and sold here for a good margin. But the AGA is going to be a REAL system, not something you have to rip apart to make work well.


Ill keep you posted."

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