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Sixline Acting Funny


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So my sixline has been hiding in rocks for the last 24 hours. Al the other fish are acting normally (a tru perc and a firefish) and I am not sure what is going on . He hid right after I put mysis shrimp into the tank for the first time (besides target feeding corals). Any idea what is going on?

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if you just brought it, it will be like that.

and i think six line wasse is active in the morning-noon time.

it will hide after that hours.

and it will normally hide inside your live rocks or the sand.

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No I have had him for probably about six months. He is hiding during the day which is strange. I will check water params tonight but I am pretty sure everything is in check.. its an established tank.

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mine just died *balling on the floor*




Sorry to hear that superpuffer.. this is my second one. My first one I had for a really long time before he got taken out when my BTA keiled over and nearly crashed my tank.. I was super bumed.. only fish I had ever really been attached to. :(

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