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dajin's 12g nano-cube dx


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Here it is. It took me a month to get it looking the way I wanted but I finally did it. Here's a little information on the tank. Some things are not quiet stablized yet and I'm having ph problems but othere than that I'm good.

Water Peramiters:


PH 7.4 (fixing this now)

Nitrate 0

Nitrite 0

Amonia 0

phosphate 0

calcium 420


I do a water change on Tuesdays and Fridays testing the water each time. I scrub the algae every two days or so. I'm adding Kent Marine Buffer to get the PH up. I also add vitamines and trace elaments every three days or so in small doses.


Tank inhabitants:

-Xenia x 2





-yellow star polyps

-kenya Tree

-black percula clown

-nassarius snails x 2

-turbo snails x 6

-blue leg hermits x 6


Stocking tank as I go. Based on what I like and what would look good were!post-17935-1137033517_thumb.jpg

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