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scary worm!


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Hi there, found yet another hitchhicker last night. A worm that looks like one of the cast members of tremors! He has made himself a tunnel out of pieces of shell/ sand that is tucked into a cave in my live rock. I wouldnt be too conserned but I saw him launch himself into the live rock with these huge pinchers.! He also has some feelers on it head. Doesnt look anything like a bristleworm. Looking in my book it looks most like a bobbit, but thats not quite right, he is more transparent looking.


Will this cause havock in my tank? how could I trap him if needs be? Not to mention he scares the c**p out of me, Although have only seen about 2cm of him.


(still in the cycling stage)



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Have you tried looking up peanut worms? They seem to be my most frequent worms and can have the kinda feelers thing it sounds like you're talking about. The pinchers sound off though.

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I had something that sounds similar in my tank. Did a bit of research on the net and think it might be something along these lines, http://rmbr.nus.edu.sg/polychaete/Eunicidae.html


Might eat corals, as some have stated, but it seems like only the larger ones do. If I see mine I will try and get it out. I would like to hear what others have done.


Found something that might be closer to what you have http://personal.cityu.edu.hk/~bhworm/errant/eunicide.htm


Also a note about the one I saw, when I first spoted it, it was munching on some red macro algae that was in the tank. I spoted it again about one week later coming out of a different rock, right next to my orange Zoos. I have not noticed any damage to the zoos or any of the other corals yet, if anything they are growing along towards the hole where I spotted the worm.

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Yes, a worm with pinchers sounds like a Eunice worm. Do some reading, and prepare a trap. They do bite and sting, so be forewarned!

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