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Outtafocus's 2gal pico


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I was bored after doing a water change on my main tank today. This little 2gallon tank is the result.


The tank is made from acrylic and was purchased at Petcetera ages ago. I had the piece of live rock in my sump and I used water I pulled from my main tank.

I have an Aquaclear 50 filter moving the water along with a little visi-therm heater.

I havent decided what exactly will be going in the tank, but some of my ideas include a little mantis,or a handful of sexy shrimp. What do you suggest?

I think I will pick up one of those dual 9watt Coralife pc fixtures.








and a few pics after I added another 9watt PC clip on.




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That piece of LR was the only interesting shape in my sump. The rest looked more like flat slabs.

I plan on stopping by the LFS this week and digging through the bottom of their LR tank, it has many small "junk pieces" no one looks at because of the size. I know there is some neet looking little pieces in there.

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The dual 9 watt should be perfect for it. Great rock too, I like the island look. A zoo garden would be beautiful. That tank would be perfect for a bonsai pico.

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extremly nice set up! how's that AC50 doing? how far is it turned up? man that would be a pretty cool tank for some sexy shrimp. any ideas on what other kind of livestock you might be putting in it?

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The AC50 was turned all the way up, but it did move my sand around a bit. I have it turned right down now. Still gives lots of flow.


As for stock, Im still unsure.

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