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My own little slice of the ocean...

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This is my first saltwater aquarium that I started in early May. I've had very good luck with it, no major problems so far! Everything is going according to plan. It's a JBJ NanoCube 12DX. I just installed a Maxijet 900 & Hydor Flo to replace stock powerhead. I love it!!! I recently added a Fishbowl Innovations Moontube...I highly recommend this moonlight!


So far, this is the livestock that I know of in the tank (stuff keeps popping up!!):


-11lbs Fiji live rock with a bunch of oyster wing oysters

-21lbs live sand (planning on getting rid of 1/2 of it)

-Copepods, millepods, bristleworms, etc

-Tunicates, orange ball sponge (regenerating), barnacles, feather dusters

-various sea weeds (don't know the names--anyone?)

-Cup & Tube corals

-Curly Cue anemone

-Pulsating Xenia

-Bubble Coral

-Candy Cane Coral

-5 turbo snails

-9 Nassarius snails (not pictured)

-2 or 3 Keyhole Limpets

-about 5 unidentified (tiny) snails

-Serpant Star (named Sammy)

-Peppermint Shrimp (named Jumba)

-Midas Blenny (named Barney)


And I think that's about it!!! But like I said, new stuff keeps popping up every day.











And thats it! I'm thinking of adding a few zoos, maybe a few mushrooms, and a sun coral. But not anytime soon. I've spent nearly $600 on this baby so far...it's my pride and joy though (except for my betta & two dear dwarf puffers!). I never could have conceived how fulfilling a marine tank could be. It's amazing to think that I'm am pretty much taking care of my own little slice of the ocean.


So my crazy science experiment is going exactly as planned... :happy:


Anyways...comments, questions, suggestions-- all welcome!!! Let me know what you guys think!!!

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I like it,it has a good zen feeling to it,like a garden or something! Thats a cool looking serpent star too,awsome hitchicker! reef-on.

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I like the macro algae in there, looks very natural. Xenia must be nice in person.

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Which one is the macro algae? I don't know what any of the plants/sea weeds/algae are...they all came with the live rock.


I bought my live rock at a lfs called Pet Safari. I thought the oysters were a unique thing to have on LR- something I had never seen before. And with me being a Marine Biology student/nut, I had to have as much diversity as I could possibly fit into such a small tank!!


Thanks for the compliments everyone- it means a lot! I've put a lot of work into this little baby so it's nice to hear that others can enjoy it as well. :)

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Great looking cube! It seems like you put your heart and soul in this tank. Keep up the good work.

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Thank you all for the kind words. I'm glad you like it! I have put a lot of myself into this tank so I'm happy that others can enjoy it as much as I do...



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hey you stole my thread name... ha ha just jokin. tank looks great i like the macro in the tank dont see that too much

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yeah, the macro algae looks nice.

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that and the kelp looking stuff, it just talks about the larger forms of algae

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Nice tank! I like the xenia, and your live rock is beautiful.

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Bird's Nest Soup


1-3/4 ounces cleaned bird's nest

2 cups water

2 slices fresh ginger, each the size of a 25-cent piece

4 cups Chinese chicken Soup Stock

2 tablespoons cornstarch mixed with 2 tablespoons water


2 eggs, beaten

ham, cut julienne, very fine, for garnish


...plus 2 Tbl spit :x

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"Authentic bird's nest soup is made using the nests of the swiftlet, a tiny bird found throughout southeast Asia. The swiftlet lives in dark caves, using a method of echolocation similar to the bat to get around. Instead of twigs and straw, the swiftlet makes its nest from strands of its own gummy saliva, which hardens when exposed to air."


YUCK!!! :x :x :x :x

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But I'm a vegetarian :x :x :*(




Thanks for the kind words everyone--and for explaining what macro algae is, haha...

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cool. i wish i lived next door to you, so you can toss some of that xenia this way. Nice tank. Are you going to add more?

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The dark green seaweed is Caulerpa Prolifera sp.


The red balls is Grape Caulerpa (Botryocladia sp.) - which ironically - is not caulerpa at all but a type of kelp.

There are at least two other species in there that I don't recognize.


Nice tank by the way! :)

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what kind of fish is that?! it's the cutest thing :D great tank btw :happy:

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