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Wobach's 45 GALLON update...


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Okay so its not exactly a nano but thought id post n get some comments perhaps? having a problem with a certain thick bright green algae, which i actually purchased as a clump and its over taking EVERYTHING! you can see it on the right hand side of the tank... anyone know what'll get rid of it?



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maybe timb000, my lfs tell me not to bother cleaning back and sides, although i do clean the side where you can look through, on the left.

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Nice tank. I'd say try to clean the sides. Get one of those Nimble mag floats, it will get in those small crevices. The only good algae growing on glass is coraline algae. BTW, I don't clean the back side of my tank either. However, the sides are a neccessity.

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hmmm right okay ill do that in the next couple of days! have to plan things when i want to clean that tank it takes a ladder and a long arm... and alot of patience!

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