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green water?


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Here are the stats on my tank so you can help me with my problem.


- 6 gallon eclipse

- 8W fluorescent, 13W compact fluorescent 50/50 actinic/white, 13W compact fluorescent white light for a total of 34W of light

- 6 lbs. live rock

- 10 lbs. live sand

- 6 crabs, 6 astria snails

- 1 powerhead


The tank has been set up for 5 weeks now. The algae bloom occured around 3 weeks ago, but the cleanup crew has gotten rid of all the algae on the rocks, sand, and glass. However, a couple of days ago the water began to develop a hint of lime green color to it. I waited to see what would happen and it got worse. I did not have a filter in there because everyone said the liverock would be adequate for filtration. I put a filter in it for a day to see if the color would go away, but the color is still there. I tested for ammonia and nitrites and they are both at zero. I need to go out and purchase a nitrate tester so I do not have that reading. Thanks for any help on what is happening.

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But I do not feed phyto. I do not have any coral or fish yet so I am not feeding anything to the tank. Is it still possible to have this kind of bloom?

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You don't feed algae or diatoms either, yet you can still have an algae or diatom bloom. There is a great deal of diversity on LR, and phytoplankton could quite likely survive the cycle and then multiply just as algae and diatoms do.

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Thanks for the information. So how would you suggest I get rid of the green water? I read the other post, do you think I should use their chemical treatment suggestion or try keeping the lights to a minimum for awhile? Thanks.

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Do you have any inhabitants that need light, or nice rock? If not, cover the tank with a black blanket for a while, letting no light in. Also, doing a water change can help.

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