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Hammer and Torch coral question


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My nano is alittle over a year old know and my soft corals seem to be doing well, colt, zoos, gsp. I have a small hammer and torch coral and they havent done much of any thing since I got them. I have a 96w quad over a 16g aga bow. My ca levels are around 400ppm. I dont feed them, my LFS told me that it wasnt really necessary. Just make sure the ca levels are adequate. I have had some algae probs but have gotten it under control somewhat with rowa phos. Is the presence of phosphate in my tank inhibiting the growth of these corals? I have been testing my tank with a nutrifin phosphate test but I am skeptical about its effectivness. I get a reading of about .25.

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Hey snostorm, try feeding with live phytoplankton, in small amounts. Twice a week drop around 2-4 drops for your 16g bow, maybee a little more. Both hammer and torch are photosynthetic, but they should eat as well, so for the polyps to be fully extended (filter feeding)food needs to be in the H2O.

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I have had similar troubles with my torch until i switched a 1200L/hr PH with an Aquaclear 300. Also, since putting the AC300 in, i have been running with a bag of carbon which may/may not have had a part in making the torch happier. I also do a weekly 10L change due to a high bioload and lack of protein skimming.


Specifically, I believe the current was a little too strong. I would suggest that if it gets med/strong current, try moving it to a more moderate location.

I doubt the lighting is a problem, as my torch is under a 50/50 36W Compact Flourescent.

I also tested for PO4/NO2-NH4/NO3 concentration which were all within a tolerable range.


FYI; My LFS suggested that it didnt need feeding, but as i feed other corals in my tank, my specimen seems to take small ammounts of Brine & Mysis shrimp.

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Thanks guys for the replies. Mark I think I will try alittle live phyto. Was afraid of boosting my phosphate levels. I dont even know how big live phyto is. Will my fish eat it. I sometimes put a bit of frozen cyclopeeze(thawed) and my clowns and chromis freak and devour it all. Will they eat phyto? I also run a remora skimmer, will that have to be shut off if I put in a little live phyto? Also I have been running a poly filter and a bag of chemipure in a ac 200 PF. Should that be shut off too? As far as flow I have the ac 200 and 2 minijets (404) placed in the back facing the front(bow) so they actually inderectly face each other with there direction of flow to create turbulence. Do you think this is a bad idea? And hey 3po It blows my mind that as we head through spring into summer you are going from fall to winter. Not really subject related but hey greetings from NY to down under.

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