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does anybody have a c.d. of manderin goby love songs????


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the candles and soft lighting just arent working.lol

im having a hard time finding info on breeding manderin. i've read if you can get them to breed, they will on a reg. basis.

so im asking, pleeding, beggin for any and all info on breeding manderin. links,books,water conditions lighting, any and all info. (even if its not what i want to hear.lol) thanks guys and gals.

dont they look sweet together?


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OMG! While your hopes of Mandarins breeding is commendable, I don't have any specific info, but, the 2005 annual MARINE FISH AND REEF USA magazine Volume 7 has a great article on Mandarins, including some breeding information. The author is Richard F. Stratton. A phone # for this publication is (949) 855-8822.

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sir winston mulligan

have you tried playing some barry white or marvin gaye?? it helped me have a little girl..lol good luck!

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Originally posted by sir winston mulligan

have you tried playing some barry white or marvin gaye?? it helped me have a little girl..lol good luck!



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But, you see, raising fry is next to impossible. It just isnt feasible without a commercial or truly dedicated hobbiest system.

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ah but you see the first step is to get them to breed.... then you get to sink all kinds of money in the a fry gorw out system. :(

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these fish are truly amazing.i can spend hours watching mine gracefully float around the tank. thier beautiful colorings are nothing short of spectacular! the funny frog like faces they make after scarfing back mysid shrimp crack me up. i love to watch these guys clear debrit from there mouths, through the little holes in the top of thiers heads. they make my day everyday! cant think of anything id like more, than to have more.

i work out of my home, and have lots of extra time to waste watching/caregiving for my ocean. since nov.1 i've sunk $1000 into a 30 gal tall. by no means alot, but hey is a little 30 thats holding me over until im in my new home (then im planning to move up to a much larger custom tank.) im basicly planning way ahead. cultavating the tank to fill the much bigger tank. starting now, with hope i have a good base for the end of the year.

my reasons, well they might be the wrong ones but heres what im thinking.

i have 2 manderin, one of which eats frozen foods. they are a male female couple that get along. what a waste if they dont hook up.

keeping wild fish in the wild is always good when ever we can. dont get me wrong, if its already in your lfs, chances are its too late.im sure i have a couple wild things in my tank.lol but wouldnt it be nice to have a breeder with captive bred manderin that eat a healthy diet of frozen foods?

im not looking to breed for monetary reasons, to be honestly ill probably trade off the manderin if any are born/ survive. (an excellent way to fil a much bigger tank)

i'd dedicate a bedroom in the house to manderin, id even sink 5 grand into setting up/ breeding. cash/space/time arent a concern.

i guest the 1 word answer to the reason why would be enjoyment.

im planning ahead. i just need info, what ever i can find, as much as i can find.

so what about breeding set ups? anybody want to show off thiers?

thanks leigh

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welp you can read about my mandarin here




i decided not to keep him with my already high bioload my tank could not handel all the feedings.


as far as breeding set ups go...


you'll need to do alot of research in this department. you'll have to figure out what the larva eat. and wht to feed these little buggers through each stage of their life. i figure this will be the hardest prospect since the adults already have a reputation for being picky as hell. you might try rotifers to start with.


if i'm not mistaking these guys are open water spawners so collecting the eggs will be difficult. but i could be wrong. one thing that seems to help a pair spawn if a dawnk dusk effect, becuase these gy spawn just before sun down for what i've read. theres a thread on reef central about a guy whose pair started spawing suddenly and he traced it down to ambient room light that was on after the tank lights went out.


also you need fry rearing tanks. dunno if mandy's eat their yong but it would be near impossible to keep them alive in a reef with all the ph's and other critters they'd have to contend with.

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