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Still have red slime


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I am still battling red slime in my tank. I have no idea why I have this. I have always used RO/DI water and I do all my water changes with real ocean water. I do a 20 percent water change every other week and top off daily with the RO/DI. I have a bag of phosgaurd in my 2nd chamber that I have already replaced and I suck out as much as posible of the cyano whenever I get a chance, but within a few days my tank is covered in it. I am about to buy some new corals but I dont want to put anything in my tank until I have this problem solved. I know I am not overfeeding because I only have 1 fish and he barely gets fed(just a few flakes). I bought red slime remover from ebay but it has not come to my house yet. Should I use this stuff? What else can I do. I run my light for about 11 hours a day. I have researched as much about this as I can but still am stumped. This slime really ####es me off!!!

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I am battling the same issue... see http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/showthread...light=red+slime


I think I have narrowed mine down to the crushed shell/sand mix substrate I have. AS the crushed shells breakdown they are feeding the slime. Try your best to fix the problem, not the symptoms.


get phosphates tested. If they are low then you know something else is the problem, as it is my case.

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One good place to start, is too up your water changes, lower your feeding, and make sure you have good water circulation. After I used chemi-clean, my red-slime has not come back.:) but mine was a minor outbreak, i assume was related to my initial cycle and setup.


good luck, Mike

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All these rememedies will work ( red slime remover - poly ox etc) but what I found to be cheaper and work best, is to direct a power head in the direction of the red slime, red slime hates this, it may create new patches elsewhere, but you can attack it again. Dosing it with these products will prevent new patches growing, but it will become resistant to the treatment forcing you to purchase new products. Increasing waterflow, in the area and using a pipette to remove it works best and you can get faster results.

Please check out marine and reef usa annual, last issue has an article on red slime, reomoval, causes and prevention.

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