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Lighting question

shrimps are cool

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shrimps are cool

I have a 40 gallon with the stock lighting. Can I keep coral like zoos, rics, xenia, bubble, hammer, and frog spawn under 2x55w power compacts? My LFS said I could but I suspected he was just trying to make a sale. I didn't buy anything without first getting advice from you guys.


Thanks in advanced!

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I am a newbie so dont take this as set in stone but from what i read i wouldnt think so. Yhat equates to like 2.5 WPG(watts per gallon) I would be shoting for at least 6-8 wpg for soft corals..


Good luck.


for example is am going to get 80watt for my 10gal. that would give me about 8WPG.



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