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Newbie first coral help


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Hello Everyone,


I have been cycling my pico 1.6 gal hex for about a month now. All parameters are very stable except the temperature (82F). I got a couple of fragments that were donated by a local reefer. I got a red mushroom, a couple of leather corals. I was wondering if I should try and fix them on a LR or just drop them in the tank and let them find a spot. Sorry for this silly question. I read about glues to fix them at a specific spot but at this point I just want them to stay anywhere they wish.

clear skies


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82F is not a bad temp at all. I try to keep a a temp. between 80-82F. The frags will not "find" a spot, but need to be placed. Leathers are light loving so upper water columns would be preferred and the shroom would be fine towards the bottom rockwork or make an island in the sand for the shroom.


Weird stating water columns in such a small tank lolol :P

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Good luck glueing the mushroom. I've never been able to succesfully attach a mushroom with glue. They will slime and move wherever they want. I use the shot glass trick and then place them where I want them and that has seeemed to work well.

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For the mushroom, leave it in a low flow area. They'll attach within a week and you spare yourself from the hassle of gluing and having them slime all over your fingers.

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Thanks a lot fellows. The mushroom moved!! and found a spot at the bottom cornor of the tank and is happy. The other two corals which didnt look too good yesterday are looking much better now. Thanks for the help.

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