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Ok I brought my nano home completly cycled it has a clean up crew of 12 snails, 4 reef hermit crabs, one strawberry crab, one coral banded shrimp, one sea urchin, one small sand sifting sand star, 2 false perc clown fish, one lawn mower blennie, and in the mean time I have added a red star fish.


Ok here's my problem, when I brought it home I looked in the back and saw the balls floating and thought that is a usless piece of crap so I took them out. Well my sand over the last 2 weeks started to look dirty and I noticed some air bubbles forming against the glass. I talked to my live reef guy and he told me to do a water change and clean the sand really good so I did. I was advised on another web site to add the balls back so I did, have I completly screwed up here?



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no...keep the bio balls out...you should also get rid of the ceramic rings too!! put some small pieces of live rock and some macro algae back there in place of the stuff you took out, and your tank will love you in the future...you just stirred things up and it will take a bit to settle down...the bio balls and ceramic rings with just wreak havock on your system in time...just about every single person out here with a nano has removed those things and replaced them with what I suggested, so you will be fine...

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