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Moving Day


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Well Ladies and Gents the time has come for me to move out of the fraternity house and into my own apartment. So now i am moving my 30 oceanic from my house to my new residence which is about 30 min away. This locale puts me within walking distace of a very nice LFS. So does anyone have any tips or hints on moving a rather bulky set up?



P.S pictures comming soon

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yeah, i posted a couple replies to posts identical to this. do a search on the "general" forum... if you can't find it, pm me and i'll send you how i have done it in the past. i think i have it down pretty well, i've moved my tank 3 times in the last year or so, and am going to have to move it again in another month. not a fun process, but if you plan ahead it's not all that bad.

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I just finished MY move. Packed everything into 5 gallon buckets, drove like a madman, emptied said buckets into new tank (the actual glass box..lol), breathed heavy sigh of relief. Done.




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