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Nano Cube Fuge lighting questions


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What light should I use for the Fuge in the second chamber of the NANo cude please post pics if you have them about the retrofiting that is involved . Thanks James

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Sorry for the short post above I was busy at work. Any way I am getting a 12g Nano Cube DX in a couple days and wanted to know what are some of the definate mods that I should do I have read about upgrading the return pump to a MJ 606 but was wondering if there was anything else that is an almost must do? I also want to have a fuge in this cube since I have a very healthy fuge on my 90 gallon reef and almost swear by them. What lighting or light fixture should I use to light the fuge which I assume goes in the middle compartment in the back of the cube. I was thinking of filling the compartment with a little live sand a little rubble LR and a nice clump of Chaeto from my fuge. Any info would help as far as some of the better mods for the NANo cube I will be sure to document my mods once the Cube arrives . THanks


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We use a 13w bulb installed over the 1st/2nd chamber and it works out well. The only thing is that we install the bulb in hoods that are using our heatshield. Otherwise one would need to find another way of mounting the bulb/endcap.



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I just installed an undercabinet halogen above my first chamber. I covered the front with silicone to make it water resistant. I angled it back so that there is little bleed over at night. Just light coming through the power head spout that acts as a moon light.


Three lights were $15 from Wal-Mart. Has been working great for a week with no problems. I thought heat would be an issue, but all seems good.


Macro seems to be doing great!

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I looked at those at Home depot today. You can buy them in singles there for like $8.50 or so. I was unsure to buy because of the heating issues as well. There 20watts I think. Did it not melt your plexi splash guard sheild below it? Or do you have an older version hood?

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shao-lin nano

eddyshore: there are alrady plenty of threads on fuge lights here, you should look first before saying this:


"I guess no one here knows anything about fuges or nano cubes ....wow guess I will go else where"












there's plenty of people here that are experienced with nano cubes and fuge lighting...look here first before looking else where, people probably just not answering because thre's been so much said about it already.

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Older hood really. The '04 hoods don't have the splashguards that cover the entire underside like the '05 hoods do. Unfortunately it's not just a matter of swapping in an '05 splashguard either. One option would be to just upgrade your hood only to the '05 version.

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