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20G Long with MH and legs


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Does anyone know of a MH light avalible that will fit a 20 gallon long with legs instead of the hanging type. I would prefer something with supplemental actinic blue lights for dusk/dawn lighting.


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There are plenty of fixtures that you can buy that are on legs. I'm setting up a 20 gallon regular and I'm using the Outer Orbit--which I tested out for a couple of hours on my cube and it was beautiful--the colors were awesome and the lighting is just top notch.


The great thing about it--each one is on a separate ballast...it has built-in moonlights, 150w 10k's (default, changing it to 14k Phoenix) and 2x65 watt actinics)...which allows me to control each on a timer. I purchased the power control center from drsfoster, it's one timer with 8 plugs and 4 can be on separate timers. I'm sick of having 3 separate timers and always having them each a couple minutes apart from turning on/off.

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